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Key Business Rules for Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners


Women Entrepreneurs Startup Business Tips – Key and Critical Business and Life-Saving Rules for Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to Live By.

But there is no magical method for business success, of course. Walking into the un-known is fearful — and several women thinking of business startup or other ventures doubt their own strength and talents, almost always feeling inadequate. “I trust that no matter how carefully equipped a woman might be, she will feel always have this feeling of inadequacy and un-prepared, where-as a men will always feel even more prepared than they are really truly.” Even when there are few researches that support this, there will always be some exceptions. Read: Business Startup Tips for Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

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Other women will always delay in pursuing their entrepreneurship ambition just because of fear of not having adequate time for themselves and families/Loved ones. Though, one of the main challenge women in business usually have is balancing running their business with running their homes: family, loved ones, kids etc.

Below here are five strategic and powerful guides to help women in business crush these types of entrepreneurial fears and prosper/be successful in business even as they move into the unknown business world.

1. Stop looking and Waiting for Anybody’s Validation/Approval and Take up your Mind and Soar

Look, this is your business. It is your own because no other person got the vision you got that pushed you to start the business. So, stop waiting for and seeking for anybody’s approval and validation before you launch out your new business: product, program or idea – it’s yours and entirely yours, brace your craze and own your glory. The most successful business and innovative people are those who were once believed to be mad and out of their sense.

2. Learn to Always Celebrate even the smallest of wins/results You Achieve.

To preserve a go-getter outlook needs positive fortification. Have you worked up the audacity/mettle to make that phone call or that office visit or that contact request which you have been putting off? Lastly got through that pile-up of paperwork business plan and ideas? Kick-up your heels and rejoice, celebrate and party hard! That energy, zeal, passion that follows the celebration will certainly push you forward again, up and higher to the next level.

3. Always Learn to Be Specific – Specificity Helps, But don’t always get stuck by it.

With this energy that follow your celebration of result/achievements, now you are beginning to trust yourself the more, believing in the power within you and what you can achieve, split your vision and targets/or goals into milestones easier to accomplish within a time frame that is reasonable enough not to over stretch you and not to make you redundant. Now you are feeling the freedom you have, the increased zeal and passion to stick to your plan will keep increasing. Bring out what you need to do this week, and the ones you need to do this month and stick them on notepad – as you know, writing your goals down will surely increase the chance of you succeeding with them. Read: Business Startup Tips for Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

4. Always Have it on Mind That Making Money in Business is like Making A Nice Dinner Dish.

This means, when you make nice dinner dish, you will surely be at liberty to serve your husband, your kids and your loved ones freely because, you already have this freedom in your mind that, when the dish gets finished, you will always make another one. You have already got the power to make nice dishes, and that task of dish making will not in any way get you freaked out because it is already within the stuffs you can swiftly do.

If you are growing your business, you will no longer be afraid to put in more resources for your growth and get the things that make you happy done. Instead of bordering about the money you are spending, you will rather start seeing it as money being invested while you focus on the returns and the efforts you have to put in to make the returns huge and make the investment worth the resources.

5. Make a Choice to Always be Grateful, no Matter the Situation.

Ordinarily, despite the odds you may be passing through, you are surely better off than somebody somewhere praying just to be like you and be in your condition. Do not compare yourself with/to anybody, if you compare, you are building grounds for despair and pains, so avoid comparison; be on your lane, run your race on your track and be grateful and appreciate. On daily basis, we have the right to make a choice of how to feel: either feel despair or feel grateful irrespective of where you are and where you have planned to be.

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After all, you are the boss, the business owner, you are working for yourself which you can’t put a price tag on your freedom – it is priceless and highly valued; and the business lessons you will learn will almost amount to attending a Harvard Business School program course and also, above all, most importantly, your children are as well learning valuable tips as they watch you on daily basis building your business and the company that pays their bills.

Like as I had earlier said in my previous post, Woman, take note of this, “having a business of your own is a thing of pride as well as an adventure, so brace up to the challenges it brings your way and enjoy the blessings and rewards business ownership offers as well”. Read: Business Startup Tips for Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners